The Time Spinning Witch Booster Box

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Force of Will: New Legend Precipice -Reiya Cluster- The Time Spinning Witch Booster Pack Display.


Continued Development Focus on Limited Formats

  • Continuing with the designs implimented in Ancient Nights, this set heavily supports sealed and booster pack draft formats for continued enjoyability. The five basic rulers are also included to provide immediate fun for any players, new or old, who come to the store to purchase this set.


Basic Magic Stones and Basic Rulers Included

  • This too, is a carryover from the precedent set by Ancient Nights. Basic magic stones (Light Magic Stone, Fire Magic Stone, etc.) cannot be pulled from booster packs. Instead six copies of each asic magic stone are included in a separate pack in each booster box, along with one copy of each of the basic rulers.


Booster Boxes Designed For Easy Card Storage

  • Because players often enjoy using booster boxes as storage for their cards, we have taken this into account and redesigned the shape of the booster box such that it can be used as card storage once all included materials are cleared out.



Set Details: 165 different cards in all (Including Basic Magic Stones and Basic Rulers).




1 Pack Contains 10 Cards

1 Display Contains 36 Packs

1 Case Contains 6 Displays